Attic renovation from outside

When the attic renovation needs to be done from outside, VARIO makes insulation easy.

Step 1: Remove the roof tiles and check the condition of the roof construction. The roof construction has to be in a good shape without mould and damages which can influence bearing strength of the structure.

Step 2: Install the VARIO KM / VARIO KM Duplex UV climate membrane on top of the internal lining and lay it across and between the rafters. If nails, screws etc. are visibly, install a protective layer of ISOVER thin slabs underneath the membrane.

Overlap seams of adjoining membranes by 10 cm and seal with VARIO KB1 adhesive tape. Use VARIO DS for a rainproof seal to adjoining elements.

Cut the ISOVER clamping felt to size and position it between the rafters from above.

Step 3: Install ISOVER INTEGRA ECRAN underlay membrane on the insulation or on a solid timber board subroof. To prevent moisture damage, provide ventilation space below the roof tiles.