Pitched roof: Three steps to airtightness.

VARIO makes it easy for you to get a perfectly airtight pitched roof by renovating it from the inside only.

Step 1: The VARIO KM / VARIO KM Duplex UV climate membrane is installed on the sub-construction of the pitched roof after the insulation (with metal constructions, the membrane is bonded).

Step 2: Membrane seams are overlapped by approx. 10 cm and sealed with VARIO KB1 adhesive tape.

Step 3: To form an airtight bond, joints with floors, gable walls or chimneys of the pitched roof are sealed with VARIO DS or VARIO ProTape. VARIO MultiTape / VARIO MultiTape SL is used for long-lasting joints with roof windows, pipes etc.

Penetrations for cables etc. should be avoided.

Avoiding penetrations

It is recommended that mains supplies and cabling etc. are run outside the airtight layer. If this is not possible, then penetrations need to be sealed with Mangete Passelec or VARIO Stos.