VARIO - Millions m2 protected constructions

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Sofienhof, Frankfurt - Germany

Built by Frankfurt-based developer Frankfurt Aufbau AG (FAAG) on a 15,170 m2 useful space, the complex comprises a total of five blocks with 149 residential apartments and 4 commercial units, constructed above an open underground car park with parking for 156 cars.

The Sophienhof became the first residential development of its size to achieve full Passive House standards. The construction was completed in a shorter time frame than with traditional build techniques, thanks to the high degree of prefabrication. The external walls are prefabricated timber frame construction insulated with ISOVER UNIROLL and protected by VARIO KM against moisture.

Single family house, Limoges - France

The first residential construction complying with ISOVER Multi-Comfort House level in France has been completed at the beginning of 2010. The house has an annual energy demand for space heating and cooling of less than 15 kWh/m2. The construction is timber frame insulated with ISOVER Isoconfort. For air tightness and moisture protection VARIO KM Duplex UV membrane was used.

Single family house, Lucerne - Switzerland

Designed by architects Daniel Arni and Israël Dominguez the project is the first house that comply with ISOVER Multi-Comfort House level in Switzerland. The construction has 2 floors with a surface of 90 m2 per floor and it is realized on wooden frames.

To achieve the Multi-Comfort House level 360 mm of ISOVER Isoconfort 035 has used for thermal insulation of the walls and roof along with VARIO KM Duplex membrane.

Renovation - residential & commercial building, Mannheim - Germany

The building, partially reconstructed following damage sustained in the Second World War, is one of the first buildings of its type in Europe to be renovated to Multi-Comfort House level. In order to achieve such a high energy efficiency standard were used advanced techniques and insulation solutions.



The existing part of the structure was completely insulated using the latest ISOVER generation 032 sustainable insulation materials. External masonry walls received 26 cm of ISOVER mineral wool in two layers, dowelled and bonded. The newly constructed 200m2 roof was insulated with a total of 36 cm of ISOVER insulation installed in three layers, 20 cm above the rafters, 14 cm between and the final 2 cm below the rafters. The basement ceiling was insulated using 25 cm of insulation above the ceiling and 10 cm of ISOVER mineral wool below, with 1 m thick flanking insulation.

The entire structure was made airtight and protected against moisture using ISOVER VARIO system.

Renovation - residential building, Pettenbach - Austria

The old construction with an annual heating cost of about 2700 Euro was renovated using timber frame construction. After completion of the project the heating cost is around 250 EURO per year.



In order to achieve a total energy consumption for heating < 15kWh/m2a for thermal insulation of walls and ceiling 2 layers of 20 cm ISOVER UNIROLL KOMFORT were used together with ISOVER VARIO KM membrane for air tightness and moisture protection.