Pitched roof: Three steps to airtightness.

Pitched roof: Three steps to airtightness. - Intro

VARIO makes it easy for you to get a perfectly airtight pitched roof by renovating it from the inside only.

Step 1: The VARIO KM / VARIO KM Duplex UV climate membrane is installed on the sub-construction of the pitched roof after the insulation (with metal constructions, the membrane is bonded).

Step 2: Membrane seams are overlapped by approx. 10 cm and sealed with VARIO KB1 adhesive tape.

Step 3: To form an airtight bond, joints with floors, gable walls or chimneys of the pitched roof are sealed with VARIO DS or VARIO ProTape. VARIO MultiTape / VARIO MultiTape SL is used for long-lasting joints with roof windows, pipes etc.

Penetrations for cables etc. should be avoided.

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