VARIO – the intelligent vapour retardant

VARIO – the intelligent vapour retardant - Intro

The innovative VARIO system intelligently adapts to the ambient temperature and humidity. VARIO climate membranes block moisture that diffuses into the structure from inside the building in winter, allowing the trapped moisture to diffuse harmlessly into the building interior in summer.

During summer, the climate membranes allow 25 times more moisture to escape from the building structure, than penetrates into it during winter. So with VARIO as a vapour retardant, the construction dries out effectively and moisture-related damage is avoided.

This unique effect is, of course, subject to careful workmanship.

Vapour retardant: Moisture is blocked in winter.
Moisture can escape in summer
VARIO climate membranes: Unique intelligent vapour retardant with variable diffusion resistance sd.
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